Who is Professor Galaxy

We arrive at the diarama somewhat like we arrive at other places in life that offer more enigma than answers. An empty classroom without a professor at the front. Everyone is gone from the scene. An empty classroom … We look into an empty college classroom. A wall on the left of the diorama and […]

The “I Think I Can” USA Team

What if the little engine had to compete in extreme ski jumping? (3/3/18) The Little Engine That Could is an illustrated children’s book that became widely known in the United States after publication in 1930 by Platt & Munk. The story is used to teach children the value of optimism and hard work. Based on a […]

Drain the Swamp!

Concept and original model completed over one night (2/26/18). Created for the monthly model challenge for the IPMS (International Plastic Modeler’s Society). I just joined the organization made up of the greatest model makers around the world. I was blown away by the IPMS convention in Columbus a few weeks ago and decided it would […]