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Robot Attack

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“Boys will be boys … even in the robot apocalypse.”


A lot of fathers and mothers have engaged their children to make a short film. But few have ever made one that looks like it came from a major studio. That is, until Canadian Brian Vowles decided to make a short science fiction film using his two sons as actors.

“Everyone has at least one major life goal. For some people, it’s running a marathon or climbing a mountain, restoring an old car, or writing a book. I wanted to make a short film. I have always loved movies and visual effects, especially ones that focused on fictional characters like monsters and robots. Seeing something imaginary, functioning and interacting with reality, has always fascinated me.”

“Could I shoot a decent short film on an iPhone and add in a bunch of visual effects? I would’t need to buy or rent a fancy camera and already had the software I that I needed.”

“In early 2014, I picked up an iPhone 5s and I was shocked by the quality of the footage. All of a sudden, I had an affordable way to record HD footage and get some really nice shots. I also had an upcoming break between contracts, so it seemed that the stars were aligning. I pitched the idea of ‘Two boys fighting a giant robot at the end of the world’  and the boys were totally into it. Robot Attack was born.”

The Entire Film Crew / Dylan, Brandon & Brian Vowles

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