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May 27, 2020 /  Disco Days – The Band (They hate posing for selfies)

Days bring different moods to me like they do to us all. But I think these moods have taken on a greater presence in my life. Once they were the unseen elephant in my personal room. Now, I can see the outline of these moods from a distance. A great form in semi-darkness. What is it? The moods come at different speeds and different times in the day. The old social clock has stopped running for me. The Internet changes back and forth between information and exploration. There is also threads off threads to  explore. Any group is even possible. The Internet becomes a grand source to the outside world for many of us. A source of exploration and learning about new ideas and people.

But in all of the isolation, I think that the main thing about our moods is that we have owned them more during this lockdown period of time. The time when social pressure has not been able to control our moods like it does in the normal world. But not the abnormal world of today. The grips of social control are lessened as no time in our history as a nation. It should spur a few academic papers or thesis it seems to me.

After self isolation for three months, I’ve discovered a number of important psychological insights about myself. One area of life has been cut off from me. Yet another has taken its place. These insights have already been discovered by everyone today. If they would only listen to their own voice, their own interest right now. And not the interest of any other. Everyone defines themselves today as part of something else. Yet, for a second, think of yourself not as part of anything else. If anything, others are a part of you.

* * *

Now, if we would only listen to our own desires rather than the desires of others. The world might truly be a different place. This might be the major thing learned from being isolated during the pandemic. We listen first to our own voice before those of others. Our moods are more evident to us. Their presence felt so much more. Listening during this time, some of us always, like characters in a Virginia Woolf novel. Listening to our own stories rather than the stories that culture tries to tell/sell us. Being away from its power in social environment for a period of time gives great internal power to people. They need to realize that they already have it within them no one is going to preach it or put it into them. Everyone has a voice and this new realization around social culture than attempts to enslave us. No need to feel enslaved within lock-down. Enslavement is more out there, in the social environment of social face-to-face contacts.

Is the pandemic creating two sides in a future global battle? The cultural controllers and those controlled by the controllers. Of course the controllers don’t want anyone to suspct they are the controllers of everyone and they constantly broadcast to everyone that “We’re all in this together!” Of course this is not true as I’ve noted in a past article to Midnight Oil. There are so many attempts to keep everyone under the old control of culture. The cultural machine needs to work overtime to have an effect of pulling people away from social culture for a period of time. Everyone sees the problems of this. Yet, perhaps it is a real unseen (yet) blessing for all of us? Allowing us to see things in a new light? If only we might accept our own thoughts back into our lives. Give them recognition and acknowledgement.

The days move forward defined by old Gunsmoke shows, classical movies, new ideas from the Internet, short posts on things I come across. Maybe the great novel about all of this is out there. I’m not sure I would want to tackle it. Maybe I tread water somewhat now not sure what to write about.

* * *

Much music in this period. And, the piece Disco Days, above, is one of these. From an program I live in the Electribe Sampler played against the Kross 2. A happy program full of joy and hope it seems to me with the low bass sound of the Kross 2 to add power to the dancing program of the Electribe. Just a piece of an idea. A mood. Created tonight as we move into month three of the lockdown. The piece has a happiness to it for me. And, little more than me regulating some buttons on the Electribe and playing a few keys on the Kross 2.





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