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It was an interesting day. I spent a few hours of it exploring a fascinating new idea from Wave AI in the Bay Area. The company was mentioned to me by a friend of mine (thanks Larry) who is in the North Bay Angels of investors in counties north of San Francisco. I explored their website and the AI music they have made so far. Judge for yourself at Wave AI. Some of the most incredible stuff I’ve heard. Listening to some of the incredible songs from the Wave AI website.

For example, above is a cut from the Miss Blue Christmas album  “Bringing Christmas To Me,” an AI created song with a human vocalist. This song is something The Carpenters could have written. In fact, although the vocalist Gwyndolyn is great, the song seems perfect for Karen Carpenter with its gorgeous and uplifting melody. The type of song that doesn’t come around all that often in today’s apocalyptic perspective on culture by most of our modern artists.

A simply gorgeous, commercial melody and lyrics created in an AI program (App) and sung by a great singer. It makes me recall Karen Carpenter. (RIP KC). Does this represent the future of a new kind of music? Real artists mixed with AI artists? The above song is the kind of song that should be played at shopping malls 24/7 around any season within three months of the Christmas season.

* * *

A lot is possible in the new days ahead. A lot of possibilities for music.

Will there be more of the Alysia type of AI in our music?

The beauty of this song and lyrics created by a computer makes one wonder about the wisdom of allowing technology into art … the new art that will be created in the post pandemic period. What will be the main change in artistic vision after the lock-down?

A number of other questions are in the air.

What extent should artists allow technology to enter their creative world?

I ask myself this question while surfing around the Internet, checking out more works from the Alysia App, downloading the Alysia App and then playing around with it and creating my first song with it.



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