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Film Placement in Products

Young filmmakers need to move away from all of their idealistic thinking and attach themselves to telling stories about new, innovative products that are used to create the film. It is more than product placement in a film. It is placement of a film within the environmental context or medium of a product. The is the modern way of product promotion. The product is not placed in the film. Rather, the film is placed within the product, 

In our nation, not only is it the way to advertising success but it is also the way to film success. There is a strong bond between the two. 

The era of product placement is over. No longer will products be placed in films. Rather, films will be placed within products. That is, the entire film might be dominated by the power of one product. A power not to be a product. But rather something to provide the context for products.

One of the greatest candidates for this overall creator of cinematic context of colors of light has been Luxli with their two Cello lights I have been using. In addition to filmmaking and photography, I’ve been using them just to add funky lights to the old Midnight Oil Studios at around 4 in the morning.  Love them and on this basis, purchased the new mother ship, the Luxli Timpani light panel.

Luxli Timpani Light

An idea for a film featuring one of the world’s greatest RGB lights. An entire short film based around the Timpani RGB light and its incredible lights, special effects and programs. The light offers any user a course in cinematic color that is worth far more than the cost of the light. A brilliant creative tool of light. The gels and colors of Hollywood, the patterns and dynamics of light. Put into one LED light. 

The same is true of all products that assist creative efforts of people. Whether an incredible light, or a computer or digital keyboard. 

A short film featuring the top special effects and light colors from Luxli’s new Timpani light. A dramatic story, told via Timpani lights. Gradus commissions to have the lights made in Norway and then sells them exclusively through their distributor, B&H Photo, the largest photo company in the world. 


A film company that creates dramatic short films around the products of their clients. The product should not be simply placed in the film. Rather, the film should be consumed by the product.

Attach one’s ideas and beliefs to various brands and products and approach the owners of these brands to create powerful, dramatic short films about. Posted to Vimeo and YouTube and other social media. 

Light might be a good place to start because of its penetrating, universal quality. 

Write a dramatic film about light using exclusively the Luxli Timpani light.

Create a storyboard based more around colors than images. The dramatic movement of color through a production. Expressed in various settings on the Luxli Timpani lights. I just got the Savage battery for the light and can take it anywhere. 

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