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Theories of Liz

Bar at the Moose Lodge on Indian Lake
In a Silent Way / Miles Davis


Context of an Email / Lunch with a Friend 

Story based on lunch that my brother and I had with a close friend.

No one else has seen this yet except my brother and sister.

Somewhat the story of my journey inside the QAnon conspiracy and then outside of it. In some ways. Yet more.

Lunch with my brother and my mutual friend who I introduced the QAnon conspiracy theories to and she still avidly follows. 

The purpose of the meeting in the story is that she wants to tell me an important piece of information she does not want to send over the Internet. 

It was one of the major resolutions I made for the new year of 2022. I promised my wife I would 1) get a shot (I did) and 2) move away from the involvement in the QAnon theories. I did but in the process I got our friend into the whole world of this conspiracy stuff. It’s been an incredible development and she writes me about unbelievable things prophesized by her conspiracy contacts. 

Anyway, story from a real lunch with brother and a close friend of both of us: a female friend in her late 80s. Mother of my brother’s best friend.

Parts are non-fiction and parts are fiction. The two are mixed up pretty well. 

An interesting ending of the story. Told in a short images. An image that confirms everything that our lunch friend told us that day at lunch. My brother taken out of the story and just me and my late 80s friend at lunch that day. Not based on the symbolism of a sign from humans. Rather, the symbolism of a sign from nature. Again, an interesting ending of the story. My lunch friend’s conspiracy theory confirmed by 1) the passage of the military vehicles and 2) the quick departure of the great storm and the chem trail scratches in the sky. 


PS … original title for this story was Elizabethan Letters to use the formal name of the character Liz in the story below. I wanted to achieve a certain elegance in this story. I changed my title to Theories of Liz as less standoffish than the first title. While Billy present he doesn’t appear in the story … a ghost presence floating above the whole scene like one of Dickens (or Hunter Thompson) characters.

The story Theories of Liz.

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