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New Albany Tech Sector

Looking East From New Albany, Ohio
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The above photo was taken by my drone straight up over my home in New Albany. It is up about 400 feet and looking east over the surrounding countryside of New Albany. The tech sector on Beech Road beginning on the right with a few large white structures just right from the center of the photo. These are the huge facilities of Amazon, Facebook and Google. They’re visible as the white area of Beech Road, right below the horizon.

The white line goes across most of the photo above, appearing as a white line. The Tech Sector of New Albany. Of Columbus. Of Ohio. Of the Midwest. Of the nation. Who really knew right now with China perhaps ready to takeover Taiwan and most of the world’s chip industry. It will make the photo above perhaps of greater mportance to you.

Such a different view of the modern super hubs of the digital world. Are you looking at the beginnings of a new Siicon Valley of the Midwest above?

Early Evening in a New Albany Neighborhood

What will the future of our town be with the great Intel investment just off a little further than the white line in the photo? The new $20 billion Intel fab area just beyond all of the activity on Beech Road. Just a mile further east from Beech Road is the Mink Road exit from 161 where the new Intel operations will be located.

Ah, the modern countryside of America’s heartland.

Will I have to return to my quickly evacuating home state of California to get a little peace and quiet these days? Away from all this increible growth of private industry surrounding New Albany. In many ways, a new, emerging tech sector of America. Just a few miles east just below the horizon of the above photo from my drone. They are already widening 161 the big slanted highway you see on the left of the photo above. Many don’t see such a pot of gold coming with Intel’s big investment in the area. The countryside they moved to many years ago is gone. The wide open spaces which defined farms are no more.

Yeah, perehaps I have to move back to the peaceful life in California and away from all of this rabid, fast-paced growth.

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