What a Wonderful World it Would Bee

What A Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong


Bees can learn to play soccer according to an article from Science, the publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Think of the implications. Not only bees able to play soccer but also a potential new meaning for the proverbial talk about the birds and the bees. In the world of this talk, birds would just fly and bees would just play soccer.

No more gray areas or multi-letter acronyms like CIA or FBI.

Just birds flying and bees playing soccer.

As Louis sang, what a wonderful world it would be. 

2 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World it Would Bee

  1. Don’t know if bees can play soccer, but do know first-hand they have mastered stinging!

  2. A terrific song by an artist with style. Along with his rendition of “A Kiss To Build A Dream On”, one of my favorites.

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