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The Midnight Oil Band / Finally Together Again After Their Farewell Tour in my Basement

Just fooling around in the studio tonight after watching the 2023 Stellar Gospel Award Show on TV. With all the dumb awards shows each year where everyone self-congratulates themselves, I find the Gospel Awards Show each year to be full of love and genuine people. It’s inspiring to me to see a show dedicated to something other than present, trendy celebrities, sex, politics and all the material things of life. It seems to be a show that is more concerned with the past and future of humanity rather than just the focus on the present in life.

The above piece was created in a whirlwind present of about 15 minutes with hardly no thought. Yes, off key in places and I could have refined it on my Tascam 24 Track Digital Recorder. But what is the point? Maybe I’ll cut more tracks of Gospel music. This was simply a test of the Zoom V3 Vocal Processor.

Four tracks on this short cut just fooling around. The Korg Minilogue XD Synthesizer on the left, the MiniNova Synthesizer in the middle, the Alesis SR 18 drum machine behind it, the Tascam recorder on the right and above the right white KRK Rokit speaker, the Zoom V3 Vocal Processor. Microphone used is on the left and is an Audio Technica 3035. Not used in this recording is the pink (a little darker than the Barbie pink) Korg Electribe Sampler.

* * *

All my digital band gathered together on the table behind my desk in my upstairs office except for the Korg Kaosillator and the Korg Kross Piano still in the basement and unable to fit into the studio right now. Both of them are on the plastic shelves from the nearby Home Depot. In my basement photography studio and art studio.

The Full Band – Brought Up From My Basement After a Three Year Hiatus

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