Return of Sirus

A film shot around New Albany, Ohio in the past three months to test the new Lumix FZ300 4K camera and a wireless lavalier microphone. My son Chris (nicknamed Sirus) was visiting and (unknowingly) became the “star” of the film. I was also testing the Canon XA10 video camcorder with Chris in our studio. The music is the […]


The old writing desk around midnight … (a decent bottle of red with the Dark Horse wine)  We are in a new age of SmartFilms made on smartphones with powerful new filmmaking apps. Just as the history of movies changed from silent to sound, the current world is ripe for a new type of filmmaker. […]


A short little film I made on greyhound adoption. We are about to adopt one and have been attending adoption events at PetSmarts in Columbus for a number of weekends. We adopted a beautiful 2 year old retired racer named Braska Genna from Team Greyhound in Ohio. We used to have battles for the couch […]


I read one of the most incredible articles I’ve ever read in a magazine in the Winter 2016 edition of MovieMaker. There were actually four articles tied into the one major topic “Smartphone Moviemaking 101.” (No link yet posted on the web to refer to). I actually wrote a short blog on my WordPress site […]

Filmmaking Equality

Trailer For Tangerine (2015) – Shot on a Smartphone    The Rise of Smartphone Filmmaking John Fraim   Creating great looking  movies is no longer the sole province of Hollywood. Smartphones and the apps available for them allow Smartphone users to become their own filmmakers with the stunning new technology they offer. For example, take a look […]