The Lost Mission (2018) The daughter of Mormon billionaire becomes “radicalized” during her mission to a foreign country and returns to San Francisco with her radical boyfriend to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. Through her wealth she has access to the most sophisticated terrorist technology and the only thing to stop them are two former San Francisco detectives forced into early retirement by modern police technology. Lost Mission – Synopsis.


The Once & Future Cowboy (2014) An aging cowboy movie hero, living on royalties and memories, is forced to become a real hero for the first time in his life when he moves into a gated retirement community controlled by villainous owners. A tribute to Hopalong Cassidy. What would Hoppy have done if he was forced into a gated desert community by his daughter? He has started to negotiate a return film deal for him with an old studio in Culver City. He has been forced to sell his ranch property outside of Palm Desert in the surrounding hills.


Desert Springs / (2013) A political thriller based around the water crisis in California. A modern Chinatown set in the California desert during the election for a new governor. The current governor is enveloped in various scandals around his distribution of the little water in the state to his cronies who are wealthy real estate developers. His plan for more water is to build a multi-billion dollar canal to California from other states. There is talk of all the political deals involved with this canal and much question whether it will even be effective. In addition to the canal, his immediate plan is to increase taxes for water users and make more laws regulating its use. The governor has much power in the state media and many are paid off to keep his scandals going. Although he is corrupt, he looks like he will be hard to beat in the upcoming election. So far, no one has been able to specifically pin a scandal on the governor. However, an ambitious reporter discovers this conspiracy to control California’s water supply She must decide whether to bury the story or expose it. “The truth leads to a dead end. Those pursuing it often end up dead.”



The Car Wash

Greyhounds: A Brief History of a Nobel Breed

Annadel Park – Santa Rosa, California

The Return of Sirus