Rain Dance

“Rain Dance” by The Guess Who (1971) Around two years ago, during one of those long nights in the offices of Midnight Oil Studios, I lifted part of a rather obscure song called “Rain Dance” by The Guess Who and reversed it in my music software and sampled a part from it that reminded me […]

Greyhound Facebook Group

Genna (In her retirment pose by the dining room window) By Genna’s Father Our black greyhound is my wife’s third greyhound while it is my first greyhound. I have always loved and had dogs. But it’s been a long time since I’ve had a dog. Fifteen years. She started telling me it would be a […]

An Old Track

Mixing GargeBand with My Synthesizers Found an old back-ground track on GarageBand. Introducing it to the boys in the band. It’s 45 bars long consisting of the looped programs in GarageBand called Deep Chord, Big Room Magnus and Bass Patterns. We’ll come up with something new. Interfacing with our Korg Minilogue, Electribe Sampler, Novation MiniNova […]

Battle of Muses

Battle of Muses Am I the only one out here or do others have swings in their creative muses? I’m not talking about swings between creativity and non-creativity. Rather, swings between artistic muses. I was always interested in writing and drawing and it seems I’ve written and drawn a lot of things from my early […]


Trailer for 2081  It is 2081 and everyone is finally equal. This equality is insured by the Handicapper General who handicaps those with more abilities, skills and intelligence than others by putting weights and devices on them that handicap them. The short science film is based on a short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. It […]

Swing Out Sister

Breakout 1986 I think we all have our special “marching songs” in life. Those songs or groups or melodies or artists that come into our lives at certain times and make much difference. A difference greater than many of the other thousands events of life. The song “Break Out” is perhaps my personal marching song […]

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

“Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” Black Mirror / Netflix (Released 6/5/19) Directed by Anne Sisisky / Written by Charlie Brooker Starring Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, Madison Davenport and Susan Pourfar Review By John Fraim ________________________________________ Scroll to the bottom of this page and start the Ashley O song. Then, back here to start reading the below […]