Cliff House Fire

It was a simple download from the Internet from Wurlington Press – paper cut-out of the Cliff House in San Francisco in 1/750 scale and proceeded. The Cliff House was one of the greatest conglomerations of gingerbread ever seen in San Francisco. This is saying a lot. I labored cutting the little pieces out but […]

Miniature Car Crashes

A quick little diorama from things just “hanging around” the old shop. In Z scale or 1/220. A dab of glue on everything and we’re good to go. (But the two people don’t look too “good to go” to me.) Sometimes, a spur of the moment idea captures things as well as long, planned out […]

Coltrane’s Lost Album

“Like finding another room in the great pyramids.” Sonny Rollins Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album (March 6, 1963) John Coltrane   I just listened to the deluxe version of these recordings. All of them and this music is some of John Coltrane’s most accessible music. A powerful find of hidden American art so […]

Desert Patriot’s Last Stand

He sold everything he owned, bought a used RV and moved to the desert. He bought a little spot on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. He lived off-the-grid for years. Every month he went into the small town fifty miles away and bought his food and supplies. He built a fence […]

Premiere of Killer Raccoons II!

My friend Travis has just completed his second raccoon horror film, Killer Raccoons II. The first film was shot almost ten years ago and developed a small cult following. The second film had a much better equipment with a more professional cast. It was filmed in Ohio but completed in Los Angeles. This diorama envisions the […]


What do you do with a tea light, a piece of Purple Heart wood (6″ x 6″ x 2″ thick from the scrap bin at Woodwerks) and a green glass Hemingray telegraph insulator from the Antique Mall? The tea light was attached to the wood by a magnet and the telegraph insulator placed over it. Background […]