Half the Perfect World

Anjani Plays “Half the Perfect World” On September 27, 1960, six days after his twenty-sixth birthday, Leonard Cohen bought a house on the Greek island of Hydra located in the Aegean Sea. He paid $1,500 for the house, using a bequest from his recently deceased grandmother. This was a “big deal” in the words of […]

A Hero

  Robert Epstein Testifying in a Congressional Hearing   Robert Epstein a behavioral scientist involved in one of the most important scientific projects today: behavioral research on the Internet and particularly how Google is manipulating the thinking of 2 1/2 billion people around the worlde by deciding what information it wants us to see, not […]

The Floating Engine

  For maybe two years, I’ve been getting emails from Alistair Lee, an Englishman model railroad fan, from his site featuring model railroads of members of the site. Sent into Alistair with notes and photos or videos for publication on his site. He is publishing his site from some little village in England I can’t […]