The Boys of 67

  Webb School Campus at Night (Our surf band practiced after dinner each night on the second floor of the first building at the right in 67) I was getting to be a problem kid in school back in Ohio. My friends were on both sides of the cultural, social spectrum at the time. I […]

The Politics of Distraction

With George Orwell’s 1984 (1949) and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932), two scenarios for future political power are placed before readers. Few have stated the contrast between the two novels better than Neil Postman in Amusing Ourselves To Death: “What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there […]

A New Literary Criticism?

Literary Criticism: A Political Perspective (2017) by Joseph North Today, I got one of the more interesting emails I’ve ever received from my good friend Eric McLuhan up in Toronto. (And, there’s been a lot of interesting emails from Eric over the years!) Eric was passing on an email sent to him by his son […]

Out of This World

Listen to the above piece “Out of This World” by John Coltrane. From the album Coltrane, a 1962 studio album by John Coltrane. The power of Coltrane’s voice is so needed today.   Interview Spirit Catcher: The Life and Art of John Coltrane – John Fraim The above biography is from the perspective of journalist/fan discovering […]

Londonderry Return

Londonderry, Northern Ireland / Setting for Londonderry Farewell (Email below to my co-author of the novel Londonderry Farewell proposing a new writing project together) Tom, Idea for our next book. You and I go on a binge in Londonderry for a week or so drinking Guinness and the alcohol we feature in our novel Londonderry Farewell. […]

Anxiety & Cancer

All that Hollywood can throw at us today in the form of computer-generated monsters and demons is nothing compared to the world’s true demon called cancer and all its forms, whether the demon of breast cancer for women or prostate cancer for men or all the non-gendered cancers. The cancer demon is certainly real. It […]

Equality & Freedom Symbols

Chinese Yin & Yang – Another Representation of The Two Symbols America was founded on the grand opposition symbols of freedom and equality. Unlike the founding of any other nation, the forces of masculine and feminine were in the greatest opposition. The opposition was so great that each of these ideas became founding principles for […]