Comradery at 25,000 Feet

“Comradery at 25,000 Feet” (Normandy 1944) – Darryl Audette Review by John Fraim Hollywood has always presented the military aviation heroics of the two World Wars from the outside rather than the inside. By this I mean we have always seen great Technicolor battles in the sky in Panoramic Cinema: fighters chasing bombers and pure […]

Creating Business Stories

THE BUSINESS OF THE BUSINESS OF STORIES Modern marketing has moved from the paradigm of advertising to story-telling. In large part, the shift away from advertising is led by post-modern consumers and especially the millennial generation who are no longer persuaded by advertising’s old bag of tricks. I know my millennial kids are not. They […]

New Albany 2025

Route 63 Into New Albany (2025)  We moved back to New Albany from California in 2015. New Albany was created by Les Wexner, founder of the Limited. The town was built around a tiny little farming town founded in 1837. There is still the famous original house in town along the walking trail in town. […]

The Pink Peacock Room

Pink Room / The Luxli Cello (The Rose Purple 49 Filter at 30%) No this is not the opening of a horror or Sci Fi film. Rather this is all about the revolutionary nature of the Luxli Cello light will take a little time to find the right market in today’s consumer world. Sure it […]

The Telescope Company

The Wise Old Man is Always a Symbol (Found on a dusty shelf in a Columbus antique store … one can find him anywhere) Grandparents & Grandchildren (An Alchemical Solution to Modern Challenges) John Fraim Premise: Most modern stories use same age characters in stories for the same age audiences. This is certainly true for […]

The Artist’s Light

Light as medium, not message.   The history of art assumes that the use of light is only in the product of the artist. Yet, what if light created the environment for creation of the artist’s product? Experiments of Midnight Oil Studios with using the Luxli Cello lights as environmental lights for artists. Of course […]

Light Experiments

A red man … In his green office … No, make that his blue office … Ponders a new use of light in the new era of full spectrum LEDs. Mr. Red Man ponders this under the green light of a Luxli Cello light that sits on its lightstand in his office. It is now Mr. Green […]