Starlight Jazz Club

(Note: Before reading notes below, scroll to bottom and press play to hear The Chico Hamilton Quintet’s “Stella By Starlight” from 1955) Chico Hamilton is one of the most famous of Los Angeles’ jazz musicians. He was born in 1921 in LA and it is now the mid-50s and he has formed his famous Chico […]

Latest Diorama Work …

My writings (and relationsip) to creating dioramas since I was possessed by this strange hobby … Not published in any form so far. Think its pretty interesting stuff. A philosophy (Phenomenology? Psychology?) of model building or creating miniature representations of reality. Who is this group of passionate hobbyists like model railroaders, car builders, plan and […]

Jack Fraim Ford

  Jack Fraim (circa 1952) at Jack Fraim Ford in Culver City SCENE: A model representing not must a place but a time in life. A young boy looks at the walls that surround the MGM Studios on Washington Boulevard in 1952. The young boy stands at the edge of the huge car sales lot […]

Ethyl’s Fuel Service

The Art & Psychology of Staged Scenes John Fraim   Not to in define the meaning of a scene in the present but rather to start an internal process in the audience/observer/reader that will lead eventually to an obsession with defining the meaning of a scene in the future. One of the most famous screenwriters […]

2018 Golden Globes …

  A Great Mountain Above Palm Springs – A Hike On A Windy Day Ideas still floating around in my mind without anything coming together. Perhaps it is good that this happens at times. Good that a number of ideas and thoughts exist like miniature Nintendo video game kingdoms in your head. Not exactly warring […]

Formulaic but Successful …

“At least one of the romantic leads will be returning for the first time in many years to a picturesque elaborately-decorated small hometown, they’ll face a supremely implausible work deadline right around Christmas, they’ll have a best friend who incessantly mentions the handsome carpenter/Christmas tree farmer/amnesiac/reindeer veterinarian who’s restoring the town gazebo/volunteering at a new […]