Trane Lives On

 The Music of John Coltrane Lives On “Love” First Mediations, John Coltrane (1965) “The Universe Wakes Up” Trust in the Lifeforce of the Universe, Shabaka Hutchings, The Comet is Coming (2019)   The music of John Coltrane at the peak of his power lives on in the music of the London-based band The Comet is Coming. Incorporating […]

The United States of Conspiracy

“The United States of Conspiracy” PBS Frontline – July 28, 2020 A Hit Job On Conspiracy Theories and Theorists & Alternatives to One Narrative Today John Fraim   The PBS program “The United States of Conspiracy” was outwardly about Alex Jones, the super star of conspiracy theorists today. It offered that rare, trusted media real estate […]

Johnny Appleseed

(Note: From time to time, we post the posts of others verbatim as they seem perfect just the way they are. We have reposted Ohio composer and educator Rick Sowash’s weekly newsletter which includes a musical piece written by Rick. His post on Sunday 7/26/20, the fourth month of the pandemic when stautues and monuments […]

Translinear Light

Translinear Light (2004) Alice Coltrane Review by John Fraim Where is John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane and McCoy Tyner when the world needs them so much? Trane left us in 1967 and Alice Coltrane forty years later in 2007. McCoy left us on March 6, 2020 … just before the pandemic struck the nation. It would […]

The Vast of Night

“There’s something in the sky!” The summer of the pandemic has seen the release of a number of spectacular low budget, indie horror films. Perhaps the best of these is The Vast of Night created by a television commercial producer living in Oklahoma, Andrew Patterson. The film is another example of the benefits of persistence by […]

The FreeNation Directory

Perfumes, sounds and colors. I wanted to briefly catch readers and subscribers up on my latest activities. I’ve been spending less time on blogging articles to Midnight Oil and more time on a larger, project called the FreeNation Directory. The directory is complete for now but there are other names and groups that could be added to it. […]

A park to me …

John Fraim I’ve had the good fortune to live in towns near great parks. I’ve certainly taken advantage of this over the years. My first home in San Francisco was right on Mountain Lake Park, one of the first places the Spanish explorers visited in the Bay Area. When I lived in Berkeley, there was […]

The New Salem Pilgrimage

John Fraim One of the best-selling books of all time is a self-help book called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Published in 1936 in the middle of the Great Depression, it did not start-off as a book but rather a series of lectures that Carnegie was giving in New York […]

The Post Pandemic Company

(Diorama and photo by John Fraim) John Fraim I think that in time, there will develop an entire genre or art-form related to our post-pandemic world. Perhaps even approaching the BC and AD designations of the arrival of Christ. The great change will create the condition for the demand of a new word to define […]