Magic Leap

Drawing of a Magic Lantern / The first film projectors were called Magic Lanterns   “We’re storytellers, rocket scientists, wizards, gurus and more. And we’re here to make magic real for you.” Magic Leap Website “Maybe its magic is raising over a billion dollars from investors?” One skeptical observer   The world of technology has created many magic […]

People’s Instinctive Travels

  A Tribe Called Quest All art forms go through their own, particular evolution. Like everything else in life, from birth and growth and then death. After writing my biography on John Coltrane called Spirit Catcher a number of years ago, this question again approaches my life, like a type of apparition of a jet airplane, approaching an […]

The Car Wash

It’s amazing how ordinary places like car washes appear from inside your car. Shot with an iPhone using the Filmic Pro application. Music created on an iPad mini using Korg’s iKaossilator.

Symbols Of Hollywood Women

The House In The Woods – John Fraim April 2016 “Of course, it’s not just actresses who need better roles; the culture does too.” “Introducing a New Way to Think About Female Characters in TV and Film” Maureen Ryan Chief TV Critic / Variety / April 7, 2016    The article by Maureen Ryan starts (or perhaps directs) a […]

Water of Postmodernism

Someone once made the comment “We don’t know who discovered water but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a fish.” The analogy has direct reference to contemporary life. Like fish in water, we are the last to discover the surrounding water-like “medium” that envelops our times. A good argument could be made that this medium is dominated by postmodernism. This […]