The Rescue

Below is Joseph Conrad’s Preface to his book The Rescue. The book was completed after twenty-years of interruptions for other projects. Conrad at his symbolic best. To all artists who return to projects once started but never completed. The Rescue (1920) Of the three long novels of mine which suffered an interruption, The Rescue was the […]

Symbolism of Place in Oscar Films

Manchester By The Sea & La La Land John Fraim Two films nominated for Academy Awards in 2017 use the symbolism of place in a unique manner that promises perhaps a new return to more films about magic places. In Manchester By The Sea place is a small town in New Hampshire on the east coast. […]

World’s Greatest Advertisement

(Note: The below is taken from our book Symbolism of Place: The Hidden Context of Communication and uses symbolism to analyze a legendary direct mail ad. Before reading our analysis below, read the original advertisement at famous-wsj-ad. The advertisement was written as a subscription solicitation for the Wall Street Journal and many consider it as “The Greatest Sales […]

An old notebook …

  (The below a letter to my cousin David for sending contents of materials on the life of my grandfather he found in storage).   David, My box arrived today and so appreciative of your effort to send out the materials you discovered. I was expecting to find some old company things and stuff I’ve […]