New Light In Ancient Egypt (In Development)

Amenhotep IV – A Strange Looking King – An Alien?   I think I heard it on one of those adventure, myth , historical speculation cable channels. The subjects you hear on late night Coast-to-Coast radio. There’s a genre in this media area one might call Alien Habitation of Ancient Earth. The commonality of the […]

Red Platoon

Anyone out there thinking they’re having a bad day? Read Red Platoon and know what a real “bad day” feels like. This book is right up there alongside Dispatches, The Red Badge of Courage and All Quiet on the Western Front. One of the most powerful narratives of war ever put on paper by a […]

Londonderry Farewell

Get Your Copy On Amazon! After combat duty in Vietnam and assignments across the globe, Captain Thomas J. McKeown of the US Navy thought conflict was behind him. His current post—a Pentagon desk job—offered a chance to spend time with his family. An urgent new assignment changed everything. McKeown is sent to the oldest US […]

Script Symbology

    Our latest book is Script Symbology: Sequence, Duality & Correspondence in Screenplays & Drama. The application of ancient powers of symbols and symbolism to the creation of modern stories. It’s making its rounds in the publishing world. You can see the whole system below. We decided to publish it ourselves rather than wait for […]