Equality & Freedom Symbols

Chinese Yin & Yang – Another Representation of The Two Symbols America was founded on the grand opposition symbols of freedom and equality. Unlike the founding of any other nation, the forces of masculine and feminine were in the greatest opposition. The opposition was so great that each of these ideas became founding principles for […]


Jennifer Lawrence in Mother! Most films proceed from questions at the beginning of films to answers at the ending. Mother! moves the opposite way from answers at the beginning to expanding questions at the end of the film. While there are many questions throughout the film (Why do the walls of the house beat like […]

The Battle of Symbols: Two American Movies

A Mother’s Home – Jennifer Lawrence – Mother The ideas of Darren Aronofsky and Taylor Sheridan are on display with the recent release of Sheridan’s Wind River (see our review) and Aronofsky’s Mother (see our review). Both could not be much different as filmmakers and the films Wind River and Mother are evidence of this. Aronofsky has received […]

Wind River

Jeremy Reener – Wind River – One of the most powerful performances in modern films. It’s been the worst summer for Hollywood in decades. Luckily, I’ve avoided most of the catastrophes. Partly, by using the ratings of Rotten Tomatoes (Hollywood blames for much of their problems) and partly by Googling movies that seem interesting to […]

Media Ecology of Horror

In our previous post about the film It we stated our argument that this was a unique new juxtaposition of more than a few film genres. Perhaps the most important genre it occupies is in that overall area of “message films” disguised as something else. In It, the real message of the film is about […]

New Emotions Discovered

“Time passes, and little by little everything that we have spoken in falsehood becomes true.” Marcel Proust A new UC Berkeley study challenges a long-held assumption in psychology that most human emotions fall within the six universal categories of happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and disgust. The study suggests that there are rather twenty-seven emotions […]

Writing Blogs

This is no more than a short argument for all writers and screenwriters (and novelists) to post their works onto the Internet rather than let them linger in the obscurity of a computer desktop. A piece of writing should always be uploaded to the Internet. Sitting in a file on the desktop is like a […]

Translinear Light – Alice Coltrane

Translinear Light – Alice Coltrane’s Final Album   Above is the title song off Translinear Light, the last studio album released by Alice Coltrane on Impulse Records in September, 2004. A beautiful, little-known album recorded a few years before Alice Coltrane passed away in 2007. Produced by her son, Ravi Coltrane, who also played, it is […]