From Print Democracy To Digital Fascism.

“The political imperative of print as a mass medium is democracy. The political imperative of electronic mass media is fascism.” Jeff Einstein View the four minute video By John Fraim Jeff Einstein updates much of Marshall McLuhan for the modern world in his work as a “digital apostate.” For Einstein, the print culture of the […]

Rose Run Park

Rose Run Creek When we moved back here from California, Rose Run Park was where I first walked each day. First by myself, and then, with my black greyhound. The whole park has been uprooted now and a new one will soon emerge. In the meantime, a few photos below of the old Ros Run […]

Fountain Run

Trip to Our Father’s Home Town It was the Sunday in our town of a big walk-a-thon to raise money for a worthy cause. But I was oblivious to all the streets being blocked off around us for the walking event. I was on the Internet searching information about a little town called Fountain Run, […]

Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom  – Michael MdDonald (1986) From the Album Running Scared 9,926,542 views (YouTube 8/31/19) Posted by Bocageek Published on Aug 7, 2009   We all have milestones of memory and revisit them at certain times in our life. I don’t know about you, but most of my memory milestones are tied to music and a […]