Aftermath …

  (For the best experience of the above, watch the short PSA spot before reading about it below!) What happens when you match one of the great filmmakers today up to a PSA or Public Service Announcement? Here, filmmaker Adam Newport Berra’s take on a high school shooting. We see the aftermath of the shooting […]


By Lynne Ramsey / A 1970s Christmas in Scotland   How did one arrive at looking at or watching a particular piece of art or music? Like this fourteen-minute film Gasman. How does one come to a particular piece of art? A certain song? A painting? A piece of writing? An image? How does one […]

Run On

Director Daniel Newell Kaufman says of this short twenlve minute film, “All Luke and his mom have are two garbage bags full of clothes, and two tickets out of town on the midnight Greyhound. Like he’s assembling a puzzle, Luke has to figure out the why of it – all before the person they’re running […]

The Psychedelics of Electricity

Marshall McLuhan at the 67 Perception LSD Conference at the University of Toronto (The Star) John Fraim   Media guru Marshall McLuhan met LSD evangelist Timothy Leary for the first time in 1966 at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Leary was in town to testify at the U.S. Senate Hearings on psychedelic drugs. The two […]

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

  It is one of the best-loved songs of all time. Simon & Garfunkel’s hit “The Sound of Silence” topped the US charts and went platinum in the UK. It was named among the 20 most performed songs of the 20th century, included in Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and provided the unforgettable […]

The Ring

  Das Rheingold: Vorspiel / The Ring / Richard Wagner   As early as 1840, in his novella “A Pilgrimage to Beethoven,” Wagner had anticipated a form of lyric drama in which the standard operatic divisions would disappear. Having completed his opera Lohengrin in April 1848, Richard Wagner chose as his next subject Siegfried, the legendary hero of Germanic myth. In […]


QAnon A Counter Narrative? John Fraim   A lot of people would have you believe that the hop cultural topic today of QAnon is the creation of Harley-riding, right wing, red neck conspirators. That they believe in crazy kinds of conspiracies throughout recent history. Like conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK. That aliens are […]

The Life and Death of Alfalfa

It was just another one of those YouTube videos we arrive at without knowing how we got there. As the video starts, it is January 21, 1959 and we’re driving down Columbus Avenue, a street in the LA suburb of Mission Hills in the northern part of the San Fernando Valley. The narrator’s voice says […]

A New Intellectual Hero?

“But that is the point: Focus on the irrelevant misdemeanor as therapy for ignoring the existential felony.” “Walking in San Francisco today reminds me of visiting Old Cairo in 1973, although the latter lacked the needles and feces of the former.” Victor Davis Hanson   I just read another brilliant article by Victor Davis Hanson. […]


The most powerful moment in recent film memory for me was the last scene from the brilliant movie Heriditary. I can’t recall any other time when as powerful a pices of spiritual jazz as Colin Stetson’s “Reborn” has made it into a film. Music and images have seldom been matched in such a natural way Invoking […]