Film Placement in Products

Young filmmakers need to move away from all of their idealistic thinking and attach themselves to telling stories about new, innovative products that are used to create the film. It is more than product placement in a film. It is placement of a film within the environmental context or medium of a product. The is […]


A touching love story. Grandpa and grandmother run away from the nursing home and go all out! This beautiful little film was made in Russia for the Russian band MGZAVREBI. The entire film was shot on a smartphone using Filmic Pro software.

New Albany 2020

I’m not a follower of Christian music but I am a follower of Christian Howes, one of the world’s greatest jazz violinists. Here Christian teams up with one of the great violinists of China, Shu Mei to create the gorgeous and powerful song “No Condemnation but Redemption” off their 2014 The Great I Am album. […]

Behind the Mask

A Powerful Commercial John Fraim Two weeks out from the presidential election, the nation is filled with a great anxiety about the future. This anxiety is not a political animal owned by one party. Rather it attacks everyone in America without discrimination. Of course, the future is always uncertain and there is always a certain […]

Purple Pilgrimage to “Big Eye”

(Background Notes: The last year has brought many changes in photography and film lighting. One of the major changes has been in RGB lighting or LED lights that can produce hundreds of colors. The above is an experiment with the Boling Vlogger RGB light, a pocket-sized RGB light. The camera on the above is a […]

Wear A Mask

Mike & My Friendship We seldom give enough to those who share things with us today. Who pass on important clues and infromation about the world to us. There are only a few friends like this. With friends like this, you only need a few. So, this piece is partly about one of those people […]


Mank The Story About the Creation of a Story Synchronicity Captured (like a ghost image) in America’s Greatest Film John Fraim Hollywood creates many stories. Once in a rare while, the making of one of these stories is almost as interesting and powerful as the story itself. The below about the shaping of a story. At […]

Lennon at 80

One Man Against the Deep State Monster (From time to time, we reprint important articles from others. The below article certainly meets this criteria. Thanks to The Rutherford Institute for permission to reprint this article.) By John W. Whitehead / October 05, 2020 “You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t […]