To Those Who Show Us Things …

Even the greatest artists can never claim one hundred percent of his creations. Always, if it is great art and not just the visions of one person, our greatest art is a collective endeavor. In effect, the product of a particular media ecology or communication system. To believe an artist works created just by a […]


May America Too Meet Its Better Self! (Editor’s Note: Another post from my friend Rick Sowash, one of America’s great composers. See info on Rick at bottom. Subscribe to his wonderful weekly post that the below comes from.) In 1935 America seemed about to collapse.  The Great Depression lay heavily upon the land and it […]


John Fraim Everything is in “transition” these days with nothing standing still. The world is in transition. The US economy is in a transition. People are in transition. Society is in transition after the pandemic. Will this transition stop? Or is it one of those words we need to cling on to these days when […]