The Two Fords & The Two Americas

Castle-like Home of Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan “I believe a home isn’t four walls; it’s a place where you get the strength to go on.” Henry Ford Stardust – Artie Shaw (A popular song in the 1940s in the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Home) ___________________________ John Fraim The old adage “Like father, like son” […]

The Last Dinosaur at Night

The Last Dinosaur / Re-envisioned at a Different Time Sunflower / Milt Jackson (Song by Freddie Hubbard) ______________________ Have been experimenting with lighting effects in my studio using various lights I have. I spent half the day reorganizing my equipment and taking things out of boxes so that I can see them and so they’re […]

The Context & Content of Dioramas

Professor Galaxy Diorama / John Fraim The Warmth of the Sun / Beachboys _____________________________ I left the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) maybe four years ago but certainly am still creating models. But also placing them in the dramatic context or environment of a diorama. Something pretty much outside any model making club today. Many […]