The Bullitt Explosion

Explosion Scene of the Dodge Charger in movie Bullitt (McQueen’s Mustang speeds by on the road) (Note to Readers: First scroll down to the bottom YouTube image on this post and click on it and then come back up to the text right below what you’re reading now … with music.) The spectacular fate of […]

Desert Patriot

Desert Patriot – Diorama & Photo by John Fraim Anyone who has lived in the desert for a period of time have probably seen the lone trailers with some junk or cars surrounding them. Often, there is an American flag somewhere. With the gathered cars around the trailer, we can suspect some type of meeting […]

Making Scenes

Casanova’s in Carmel, California – Carmel’s “Most Romatic” Restaurant – Photo by John Fraim (2007) I’ve been absent lately as I’ve taken time off from my hectic pace of creating dioramas to writing about them. Have started writing a book titled Making Scenes: New Directions in Dioramas(I thought of calling it Making A Scenebut with the “A” […]

Tilden Park

View of San Francisco from Grizzly Peak in Tilden Park, Berkeley – A Photo of a Photo There is nothing quite like Tilden Park above Berkeley in the East Bay. In a matter of minutes, one can go from Berkeley up into the wilderness of Tilden Park. I’ve been hiking in Tilden for years so […]


The Coast of North Korea – 2020 ______________________________ People Magazine: “‘North Korea has great beaches’,” Trump told reporters. ‘You see that whenever they’re exploding cannons into the ocean. I said, “Boy, look at that view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo?”‘ Trump said he advised Kim that instead of pursuing his nuclear ambitions, he should […]

Sign in the Mountain

“Somehow, I ended up on some Chinese mountain looking at a scene from a Timothy Leary lecture.” Forced Perspectives & Cool Media I got the old Chinese sage and piece of oval artwork I bought at the Heritage Square Antique Mall and started to positioning them on parts of a piece of Burl wood I […]

Heritage Square Antique Mall

The Chinese Sage After the meticulous assembly involved in the Chasing Bullitt diorama, I had a sudden inclination towards simply searching out objects for my dioramas rather than creating them. The Buckeye Burl wood bin at WoodWerks offered a number of great contexts for dioramas. Then, I discovered the huge Heritage Square Antique Mall. For years, I had […]