A Modern Atlas Shrugged

The story of a modern John Galt from Atlas Shrugged. He (she) is attempting to build an alternative source of news in an era of the fake news of mainstream media. Not just an alternative TV channel but rather an alternative to the government forces. This Hero/Heroine of the story is not involved with the steel […]

The Year The Masks Came Off

As this crazy year winds to a close, one of the most common images of it for most was the year masks went on. I have been wearing one for months now. But during this time, more than anything, it was the year that true “masks” came off. This is a big topic and I […]

Vote Casters & Vote Counters

“It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Joseph Stalin __________________________________________ Just as voting is political, so is vote counting. It will never be free of politics. Can there really be bi partisanship in the creation and use of a voting system, a system that doesn’t cast votes but […]

Bidin’ Our Time / 2020

(Play above while reading below) Post presidential election by a week and the nation is heating up hotter than it was before the election. I didn’t think it could get any hotter. I spend the days trying not to watch the news all the time. One of the distractions from the news is the MEA […]

The Politics of Voting

“It’s the Voting System stupid!” John Fraim Voting has become more sophisticated and hidden from scrutiny, thanks to modern technology and the increased ruthlessness of the two parties. In the modern world it is naive to believe each one of us has one equal vote in elections on all levels: city, state and national. It […]

2081: The Greatest Short Film?

2081 MFI (2008) Written & Directed by Chandler Tuttle (From a short story by Kurt Vonnegut) Review by John Fraim One of the greatest short films ever produced – perhaps the greatest – is Chandler Tuttle’s 2081. The film under the Motion Picture Institute (MPI) banner scripts out a short story of Kurt Vonnegut from his […]

Film Placement in Products

Young filmmakers need to move away from all of their idealistic thinking and attach themselves to telling stories about new, innovative products that are used to create the film. It is more than product placement in a film. It is placement of a film within the environmental context or medium of a product. The is […]


A touching love story. Grandpa and grandmother run away from the nursing home and go all out! This beautiful little film was made in Russia for the Russian band MGZAVREBI. The entire film was shot on a smartphone using Filmic Pro software.

New Albany 2020

I’m not a follower of Christian music but I am a follower of Christian Howes, one of the world’s greatest jazz violinists. Here Christian teams up with one of the great violinists of China, Shu Mei to create the gorgeous and powerful song “No Condemnation but Redemption” off their 2014 The Great I Am album. […]

Behind the Mask

A Powerful Commercial John Fraim Two weeks out from the presidential election, the nation is filled with a great anxiety about the future. This anxiety is not a political animal owned by one party. Rather it attacks everyone in America without discrimination. Of course, the future is always uncertain and there is always a certain […]