Bernays (1928)

Chapter XI The Mechanics of Propaganda (1928) Edward Bernays THE media by which special pleaders transmit their messages to the public through propaganda include all the means by which people to-day transmit their ideas to one another. There is no means of human communication which may not also be a means of deliberate propaganda, because […]

Isolation From A Noisy World

The Isolator  Hugo Gernsback a Luxembourgish-American inventor, writer, editor, engineer, designer, businessman, and magazine publisher. Published from May 1913 to August 1929 and started by Hugo Gernsback, a magazine called Science and Invention encouraged scientific curiosity and amateur scientific experimentation. Gernsback started the magazine to showcase scientific experimentation and new inventions/inventors. In 1926, he launched […]

Color Symbolism & Drama

Color Spectrum My manuscript The Symbolism of Place: The Hidden Context of Communication(published on the website argues for observing in more detail the distinction between content and context and suggesting context influences content in ways not foreseen for the digital, Internet age. Perhaps more of the old argument between psychology and sociology? Another version […]

The Cello Light

Luxli Lights Cello John Fraim   In one way, you might consider this as an obnoxiously long review of the Luxli Cello Light on something like Amazon.  But there is much to say here. It involves that quickly changing business of lighting for films and photography. I’ve been involved with both films and photography and […]

Black List Loglines

Beverly Hilton Pool Area – April 2019 (JF) We’ve assembled the below from published lists of loglines of the winning Black List screenplays for the years 2017 and 2018. The Black List screenplays represent the most popular screenplays amongst producers and directors and writers … screenplays that have yet to be produced into a film […]

Ideas To Loglines

Turning Ideas Into Loglines There are few books that provide wise advice for film and tv storytellers at the early stage of an idea. A treatment or screenplay has yet to be written. The writer is usually itching to rush through this process and get to creating the story. In effect, a logline is a […]

Storytelling Renaissance

William Rabkin Creating The Series Renaissance in Storytelling John Fraim   Recent years have brought forth a great change to storytelling structure in films and television. It is little secret that one of the major changes has been the outflow of creative writing talent from films to television. But within the television industry there has […]