Bill Evans / Peace Piece _____________________________________ Today, I wrote my cousin Dave today about the death of his close friend Paul Reubens or Pee Wee Herman. Dave met Paul when Paul came to California from back East in the 70s and both were students at the famous Cal Institute of the Arts.  Paul had just moved […]

What a Wonderful World it Would Bee

What A Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong _____________________________ Bees can learn to play soccer according to an article from Science, the publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Think of the implications. Not only bees able to play soccer but also a potential new meaning for the proverbial talk about the birds and […]

Eastern Musical Technology

Western Music Culture Attempts at Application of Eastern Culture KORG Technology The KORG Minilogue XD Mr. Day / John Coltrane 1960 _______________________________ I was never the most likely one to discover the power of John Coltrane. Out of law school in LA, I had an office on the corner of the 18th floor of Chevron […]

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow / Song & Lyrics by Carlos Jobim (1980) / Sung by Stacey Kent To Jim after all his trials and the blessing he’ll see more rain, roses and rainbows One of the most beautiful songs by the legendary Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. And what a better person to sing it than the […]

The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Silence The Rescue of Rocio (Cristal Aparicio) From Sex Slavery by Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel) Child trafficking is the fastest growing international criminal network the world has ever seen. There are more people enslaved now, by sex trafficking, than there were when slavery was legal.  The Sound of Silence / Simon & […]


It is 1962 and America is under nuclear attack. Somewhere in a southwestern desert, the crew at an Atlas missile silo prepares for retaliation.  The site layout based on blueprints from Scott O’Steen ©1997. Background information from “The Development of Ballistic Missiles in the United States Air Force 1945-1969” by Jacob Neufeld (A publication of […]

Outwitting the Devil

Napoleon Hill’s Lost Book (From Four Minute Summaries) The book Outwitting the Devil is a work of non-fiction written in 1938 by Napoleon Hill and considered too controversial to be published in its era. The book was written as an interview between Hill (Mr. Earthbound) and the devil (our inner dark self), wherein Hill attempts to […]

Netflix’s New Metrics

Extraction (2020) / Chris Hemsworth Red Clay / Freddie Hubbard ________________________ John Fraim I’m not a dedicated viewer of Netflix but every now and then, have “episodes” of watching it before going back to my normal cable shows. Last weekend was one of these Netflix episodes and I had the unusual and serendipitous experience of […]

The Old Country Store

A Past America at an Interstate Offramp John Fraim What A Wonderful World / Louis Armstrong _________________________ In the old days, actually not that old or long ago, we would often stop at Cracker Barrel (CB) along some Midwestern interstate. It was one of the few places that played on the mythology of the American […]


The Changing Lights / Stacey Kent ________________________ “Insofar as cycles are meaningful, all science that has been developed in the absence of cyclic knowledge is inadequate and partial. Thus, if cyclic forces are real, any theory of economics, or sociology, or history, or medicine, or climatology that ignores non-chance rhythms is manifestly incomplete, as medicine […]