Battle of Symbols

American Political Narrative As Battle Between The Two Key Gender Symbols   The story follows the story of a young boy who had these two grand symbols of America in opposition through his life. The mother who always represented the grand symbol of the feminine and equality. (As well as so many other “correspondence” symbols […]

The Ray Alf Biography

Christopher Fraim. My second oldest child. To Ray. An Inspiration to so many young men who eventually became fathers.   Sent the below to Don and Taylor Stockdale, current Head of Webb Schools. Also, my brother Bill Fraim and Larry Ashton. The letter is self-explanatory. Again, I think it’s up to us to write the […]

Blogs As Chapters?

  Blogs re funny things. They always exist as independent posts. Yet more often than not, they are all linked together in some grand narrative that is an important part of our narrator, or whoever it is that’s telling the story to us. Might blogs be considered as chapters of a long narrative, a book, […]

New Liberty

  Premise: The leader of a national militia group has been caught and put in a government prison where he has been subject to brainwashing and programming. His escape from the prison brings him to a little country suburb of New Liberty that is a nexus for the resistance forces against the government. Why is […]

An Unreliable Narrator

The Cool Media of an Unreliable Narrator John Fraim The first person narration of a person who has escaped from a mental institution. Written in a questionable, unreliable voice of a first person narrator such as Billy Collins (“Collie”) in Jim Thompson’s 1955 noir classic, After Dark My Sweet. Our story opens much like the opening […]