Battle of Symbols


American Political Narrative As Battle Between The Two Key Gender Symbols


The story follows the story of a young boy who had these two grand symbols of America in opposition through his life. The mother who always represented the grand symbol of the feminine and equality. (As well as so many other “correspondence” symbols with the feminine and equality symbols throughout history.)

He lives between parents who represent both of the symbols. Of course he did not know this at the time. It was only something that came upon reflection and that old, little used mechanism these days called memory.

He didn’t realize that he lived in a family like those two grand symbols that America was founded upon.

Everyone has ideas for the greatness of America and its magic rise to the greatest nation in the unbelievably short time of only two hundred years. The idea of a clash of the basic symbol of masculine and feminine is never advanced.

So many nations in the world have been founded around one symbol.

So few from this clash between symbols.

America had this uniqueness in history somehow. Perhaps the result of Divine intervention. It sis hard to know. Another one of those situations where people let their beliefs take over for their knowledge. It’s a lot easier having beliefs rather than also knowledge from beliefs.

The founding of America was unique because it was founded at the intersection of these two opposite symbols. Freedom and equality. The two great symbols inside everyone. The constant battle between the archetypes of masculine and feminine inside everyone. One of the symbols gaining a dominance over certain periods of life.

And so its been that most nations of the world have been founded under the domination of one of these symbols – masculine or feminine, freedom or equality. If a nation is truly founded under one of these symbols it is a powerful thing. Yet, the founding of these nations do not possess the dynamics of battling symbols in their creation.

* * *

The young, eligible debutant from the wealthy family found herself on a date with the handsome young man in the ArmyAirforce who was directing logistic operations on the big air force base of her town.

Not hard to imagine, the marriage of his parents created a strange alchemical brew. His mother was from a wealthy family, the daughter of a legendary entrepreneur who founded an entire industry. His father was from a poor family from Mississippi. His mother grew up in a privileged life and went to an elite college and then returned to her hometown. His father worked since he was a kid. His wages always went to help the family get by.

His grandfather was always a wild dreamer and speculator in oil wells all over the south. The next great big “gusher” was just around the corner” he always told his grandson.

But they never came in and the family of three moved all over the place as his grandfather chased jobs here and there. They saved enough money to send his father to a private school. It was much more money than they had but they doted on their only child and wanted all the best for him. The private high school they sent him to was recognized as one of the best in the south and headed by a very famous educator.

He did well in the private school and got admission to a top university in the south where he became an aeronautical engineer and went on to a famous career as establishing one of the first flying schools in the nation. And, in the Army Airforce (called at that time) he reached the rank of General.

So he found himself on a project of handling the logistics for one of the largest air bases in the nation in 1945. The war was ending down but there was massive amounts of things created for the war that had still to be managed and utilized as best they could. He had exciting stories about the war he participated in. The air group known as The Flying Tigers and famous pilot Chennault a good friend of his. His commanding one of the farthest North bases for the Army in the early 1940s. His experience meeting the great white bear and killing it and making it into the rug that would be in the living rooms of the houses that his parents lived in.

————- NOTES ————–


Story centers around a presidential election. Everyone sees it as two battling personalities. Two battling parties. And of course it is to the general dumbed-down population. But the age-old battle underneath all of our fights today is simply one between freedom and equality, the masculine and feminine symbols of freedom and equality. They are perhaps the two greatest symbols to be locked in battle with each other.

They’ve always been in battle with each other. All through history. They are connected not just to genders but also to so many other things that make up part of all of us.

For Americans, this goes back to the time the nation was founded. And this paradoxical clash of masculine and feminine symbols at the intersection of the founding of America.

The nation’s “big bang” moment one might say. The moment the idea for the nation suddenly flashed in one mind. Perhaps an exploding Supernova? Or maybe a “black hole” – not exploding but collapsing and sucking everything into it?

Perhaps it was developing in similar ways in other minds out there as he is telling the story to us now?

It was impossible to know.

Until he tells it.

Perhaps he is called to some secret ceremony to reconcile the battle between the two great symbols in a presidential election that threatened to tear the nation apart. The sides were already drawn with lines even deeper than political affiliations. It truly is a battle between these two grand symbols. Showcase for effects.

* * *

What happens after above story?

Character arc of a symbol in transition.

Masculine to feminine and then a consolidation of the two.

The feminine, equality symbol dominates his life. He starts an advertising firm that supports liberal causes and networking type of products that put globalism over nationalism, commonality over freedom, central control over diversified control.

His advertising firm becomes the hottest new advertising firm in the nation and gains the largest social media and Internet companies in Silicon Valley as clients.

A start-up VR company (based on real Magic Leap and its relationship to Google and financed by his client the largest Internet company in the world) has developed the most powerful VR technology in history and is testing it for release.

He is given a demonstration of it and is taken to a new world altogether.

He learns the VR company has a large contract with the government.

The ideas (and conspiracy theories) of his conservative father begin to seem more reasonable to him.

The dominance of the equality, feminine symbol is in the wane with the rise of the freedom symbol in his life.

Maybe it was that time in his or her life for this symbol to make its ascension back into the life? A product of the so-called studied “life cycle” and the natural cycles of nature. A product of time.

(A dramatic elaboration on the rise of the new symbol of freedom in his/her life)

Perhaps the emerging symbol had something to do with those two old men he knew for a short period in life. His grandfathers. Much like their children, representing two opposite symbols for him. The wealthy grandfather who vacationed in Miami Beach and got the Horatio Alger Entrepreneur Award. Who did magic tricks at his elaborate holiday parties. And the other grandfather who taught him how to whittle in a woodshed behind one of his homes. Who drove him around Los Angeles in the 1950s. Took him to the fire department. Told him stories of his days drilling for oil.

* * *

The story is a battle between these two grand symbols all of us have within today. The equality of youth and the freedom of age. Equality always begins inside the mother and then changes into freedom when the child is able to break away from the parents.

Again, so much more than the battle between two labels people are wedged into these days. A battle between the two great founding symbols of America. A key battle of symbols surrounding all we do today. Yet, like fish in water, we cannot seem to feel the symbols of freedom and equality in battle in all of this. Always in the background. The Musak of the moment one could never get rid of.

Perhaps a modern West Side Story? (saw last night on Warner). The two gangs reappear in different form as symbols in this story?

Everyone (who is alive in life) has gangs in opposition to each other. Except perhaps those fixated on certain things out there thought mental chemicals or what not.

So, any fiction that one grew up in the household of a Republican or Democrat is only a small part of anyone’s story. The two old symbols do battle constantly in every American mind. If one is tuned into the American spirit. But perhaps one of the background events in the story is that a growing number of the population of the nation is not tuned into the American Spirit.






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