Music Technology & Freedom

Korg Kaossilator Pro Plus NY Times Trump’s off to a running start for sure! The NY Times is already trying to round up allies to try and hold Trump down. He threatens too much of the very existence of news generators today like the NY Times. His major threat is that he threatens to impose […]

Welcome Back Mr. K

  Recorded with the new member of our band. The Kaossilator Pro Plus, grandson of the original Kaossilator I had five years ago. And mistakenly sold when I was getting my recording studio upgraded in technology and downgraded in the number of pieces of digital instruments I would have. I went from almost 15 pieces […]

Hollywood Stories

John Fraim The Santa Monica Cliffs, looking up the coast towards Malibu – John Fraim   One could do a lot of things in my hometown of LA to try and understand it’s (her?) soul. Many have tried. Many went into that perpetual past-time in LA in thinking in “Hollywood terms” of the next great […]