Welcome Back Mr. K


Recorded with the new member of our band. The Kaossilator Pro Plus, grandson of the original Kaossilator I had five years ago. And mistakenly sold when I was getting my recording studio upgraded in technology and downgraded in the number of pieces of digital instruments I would have. I went from almost 15 pieces of musical equipment to four. Of course this doesn’t count the number of Apps also or the music software like Garage Band and Reason Elements on the MacPro. All hooked to the latest Tascam 24-track digital studio. But also capable of recording within the software programs on the Mac like Ableton.

Now days, my studio “band” consists of mostly Korg stuff, grandchildren of the original stuff I used. A Korg Kross 88 Keyboard; a Korg Mililogue polyphonic synthesizer and the Koasssilator Pro and a drum machine.

All, except the drum machine, are types of third generation “grandchildren” instruments of the original Korg instruments I used. The most amazing new members of the studio are the Kaossilator and the Minilogue.


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