Sequence Chart

The below 4 pages of a chart represents a comparative study of sequences from screenplays, to psychology, religion, media, mythology, color spectrum, numbers, politics, space, culture, philosophy, etc. Directions: print out the two pages of the Left Half of Chart file and the two pages of the Right Half of Chart. Line up page 2 […]

Towards New Stories

    The Forgotten Symbolism of Story Structure John Fraim     Introduction   This project involves an examination of the various structures for telling Hollywood stories and suggests they’re all severely inadequate. The project focuses on the movement of symbols rather than the appearance of symbols. We enter a particular story time that relates to a […]

Beacon Studios: Introduction

  Beacon Studios – The Symbol of  the Old Hollywood (In battle with the Symbol of the New Hollywood)  Introduction John Fraim 11:21 pm, 1/21/17   The world is filled with grand shifts in symbols that move on their own power and can do little about. These symbols are grand-archetype symbols of our time. Because […]

Beacon Studios

An old Hollywood Studio … Story Premise. A shocking election of a non-politician to President singles a shift towards new symbols in American history. A week before the inauguration of the non-politician to the Presidency of America. Much bitter feuding between the parties during Cabinet nominee hearings. During this time, not everything is focused on […]

Class Gift

  The Doors In 1967 – Our Senior Year Classmates: Have been following this interesting discussion. Good points made. While I like what Laird and others have suggested as a class gift, I think it would be good to consider giving a gift that encapsulated the spirit of our time at Webb. Yeah, a gift […]

New Era. New Stories. New Symbols.

Sunset Boulevard  – “I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.” John Fraim   The Trump administration will make a number of large changes in a number of areas such as economics, international relations and the judicial system. Many of these changes are not difficult to foresee given Donald Trump’s campaign promises. However, some changes […]

Panic at the Disco & Time

  The Gospel / Panic at the Disco   The opening of the above is so obviously (to me) a homage to Brian Eno and particularly one of his late albums I listened to a lot. This is really about my discovery of a band called Panic at the Disco on New Years Eve of […]