Sequence Chart

The below 4 pages of a chart represents a comparative study of sequences from screenplays, to psychology, religion, media, mythology, color spectrum, numbers, politics, space, culture, philosophy, etc.

Directions: print out the two pages of the Left Half of Chart file and the two pages of the Right Half of Chart. Line up page 2 under page 1 on the Left chart and page 2 under page 1 of the Right Chart so you have 4 sheets of paper flushed together.

In the first column of the left on the Left Chart is the topic being sequenced in a repeating cyclic movement. In other words, the items in the sequence row appear in the order left to right we have indicated. Note that some flow over to the Right chart when they cannot be fitted on the Left Chart.

The flow from left to right is the flow from the beginning (birth) of a cycle to the end (death) of a cycle.

Leading screenplay story structures today are #39 – #42. Ancient drama structure is in #12 – #13. Campbell’s mythology structure of movement is in #9 while Jung/Neumann’s movement of psychic elements in #8.

Is there a commonality in the various steps of sequence? Is there a particular number of steps in this sequence? What are the elements (events) involved with each stage of the sequence?

Hollywood structures many screenplays using #39 – #42 theories. Is there a better structure?

Hollywood questions the types of stories it is telling today and if they are right for the times. What it really should be doing is questioning the dramatic sequence or structure that create stories.






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