Nutrition Pioneer

The below is part of a new practice of ours of highlighting a project already logged into our site. The below was based around a friendship and correspondence I had with Dr. Colin Campbell in 2013. An outline was developed from our conversations. Nothing happened with this project as the outline came only months before […]


Beginning of the Era of Large Screens “SCREENS” Story Concept John Fraim The digital world once promised great freedom in the world. Yet it has brought more equality than freedom. The equality is found in the technology of social media and its various screens. Technology is far more interested in equality than freedom, on globalism than nationalism. […]

New Light (Finished!)

  Opening of the Red Sea (The last last chapter of our new novel) New Light in Ancient Egypt is a 45,000-word novel in the historical fiction genre. It is set in ancient Egypt during the reign of King Akhenaten when the polytheism of traditional Egyptian religion (under the Amun Ra god) is replaced by […]

Chinese Blockbuster Formula

Wolf Warrior II (Poster)  There’s much to learn from the action film Wolf Warrior II, China’s highest grossing film ever. With a budget of only $30 million, the film opened in China on July 27 and has earned an astonishing $780 million since. The action film is directed by the new Bruce Lee of China, Wu […]

The Female Myth & New Story Structure

One can take a lot of courses and read a lot of books on storytelling and screenwriting but only get more confused. Fortunately, every now and then, there is a payout for all this work and something that clarifies all the confusion. The confusion was clarified recently by an online course I recently took from […]

Inner Voices / McCoy Tyner

The album Inner Voices never gets a lot of respect for some reason. Critics are tough on Tyner for having voices on the album. Or they are upset over some some other component of the album and the orchestra Tyner assembled and Orrin Keepknews produced at Saul Zaentz’s Fantasy Studios in Berkeley in 1978. Not […]