Nutrition Pioneer

The below is part of a new practice of ours of highlighting a project already logged into our site. The below was based around a friendship and correspondence I had with Dr. Colin Campbell in 2013. An outline was developed from our conversations. Nothing happened with this project as the outline came only months before my mothers death during a difficult time. Now, I pull it from our Writing Page, update it a little, and highlight it below. John

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Nutrition Pioneer / Outline of the life of Dr. T. Colin Campbell. 17,000 words. His battle against the government and FDA to limit meat and milk in the American diet. The change for him since he grew up on his families’ dairy farm. Created with review and comments from Dr. Campbell.I would want to get the approval of Dr. Campbell and his son Tom before moving to the next step in the project to bring his story to a novel and screenplay.

Dr. Colin Campbell

Story Idea: Based roughly on the life of Dr. Campbell, perhaps the greatest crusader for healthier food in America, as well as the modern world’s pioneering nutritionist. He is author of the legendary China Study, the largest health survey ever conducted, his main battle has been changing the American diet away from animal based food (dairy and meat) to plant food. I first encountered China Study on the bedside table of the guest room of my parent’s Palm Desert, California home. Many years later, I established a correspondence with Dr. Campbell and we created this outline together.

A dramatized, fictional story based roughly around key events in Dr. Campbell’s life. His grand opponents and allies in this battle. His victories and defeats. Discovery of a conspiracy to keep the nation unhealthy? The politics of the food industry, specifically meat and dairy industry in America. In an alliance with the medical and pharmaceutical industries, working with the food industry. The FDA and behind them, the great “elephant in the room” is the greatest lobby ever created in DC. No one goes against themA thriller/detective story where Dr. Campbell’s character (the Hero of the story) becomes a detective about food. What he finds out, is dangerous to his health. But vastly healthy for the nation.

Trying to round up people interested in this project. Probably a novel into screenplay. Possible series.


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