Formulaic but Successful …

“At least one of the romantic leads will be returning for the first time in many years to a picturesque elaborately-decorated small hometown, they’ll face a supremely implausible work deadline right around Christmas, they’ll have a best friend who incessantly mentions the handsome carpenter/Christmas tree farmer/amnesiac/reindeer veterinarian who’s restoring the town gazebo/volunteering at a new […]


CONCEPT: A story about this new economy. Powerful story that draws out the key Heroes/Heroines and Villains of not the political world. Rather, the economic world.  Hero/Heroine wants to advance the crypto-currency (new economy) agenda. Antagonist wants to stop Hero/Heroine from advancing crypto-currency agenda. Perhaps a related non-fiction work. Pilot for television series based on bitcoins and […]

90-Day Fiance

Reality Programming Reaches A New Level & Vision John Fraim   A group gathered in a rather dark room during the day. “Hello. My name is John and I’ve been addicted to 90-Day Fiance ever since I first saw it on television.” Everyone (in the circle of pop-up chairs in unison) … “Hello John.” “Could […]

Beauty in a Tough World …

Every now and then, we’re confronted with a such a beautiful piece of music that has somehow escaped from the confines of that small independent world of music and the few faithful gathered in the tiny clubs around the nation. Like small churches and temples. “Systole” From the Painted Ruins (2017) – Grizzly Bear “Systole – […]