Formulaic but Successful …

“At least one of the romantic leads will be returning for the first time in many years to a picturesque elaborately-decorated small hometown, they’ll face a supremely implausible work deadline right around Christmas, they’ll have a best friend who incessantly mentions the handsome carpenter/Christmas tree farmer/amnesiac/reindeer veterinarian who’s restoring the town gazebo/volunteering at a new youth center/going to be a last-minute substitute to be Santa in the town parade.”

Read more at The Morning Jolt.

Hallmark Channel way up … one could do worse these days than write some syrupy romantic stuff when previously dark stuff has become middle-of-the road.

If this syrupy stuff is too much for you then you can always watch the perpetual rerun of Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation for about the 50th time. s

Have a Hallmark Holiday Season! (Watch out for Christmas Vacations!)

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