When Smooth Jazz Came to Berkeley

One of the Many Versions of the KRE Radio Building in Berkeley, California West Berkeley in the 1970s and 80s. The great avant-garde jazz station KRE is located at the south end of Berkeley’s Aquatic Park. We can see a small sign with a flickering light inside of it (as if the electric company is […]

Beacon Studios

Backlot of MGM Studios (Getty Images Copyright) Beacon Studios diorama, the studio serves as the plower character symbol in Bruegel’s “Landscape With The Fall of Icarus” (circa 1560). It occupies the important forefront landscape in the painting. Perhaps a reference to the Bruegel painting via a billboard on the street saying it is now at […]

Starlight Jazz Club

Chico Hamilton is one of the most famous of Los Angeles’ jazz musicians. He was born in 1921 in LA and it is now the mid-50s and he has formed his famous Chico Hamilton Quintet. The Quintet are appearing at the Starlight Jazz Club. It’s early in the evening before the show and a new […]

Latest Diorama Work …

My writings (and relationsip) to creating dioramas since I was possessed by this strange hobby … Not published in any form so far. Think its pretty interesting stuff. A philosophy (Phenomenology? Psychology?) of model building or creating miniature representations of reality. Who is this group of passionate hobbyists like model railroaders, car builders, plan and […]

Jack Fraim Ford

  Jack Fraim (circa 1952) at Jack Fraim Ford in Culver City SCENE: A model representing not must a place but a time in life. A young boy looks at the walls that surround the MGM Studios on Washington Boulevard in 1952. The young boy stands at the edge of the huge car sales lot […]