Starlight Jazz Club

Chico Hamilton is one of the most famous of Los Angeles’ jazz musicians. He was born in 1921 in LA and it is now the mid-50s and he has formed his famous Chico Hamilton Quintet. The Quintet are appearing at the Starlight Jazz Club. It’s early in the evening before the show and a new Lincoln Continental is in front of the club. It is new and shiny, unlike the weathered club. Perhaps it is the owner of the club? Via a small bluetooth Nano Cube speaker inside the club, we can a record playing of the music of the Chico Hamilton Quintet. All scratch built. The club started as a small box from Hobby Lobby and the walls are weathered paper from Hobby Lobby. The door is from Grandt Line HO. The original windows in the large double door with the transome above it have been boarded over per the club’s policy “What happens at the Starlight stays at the Starlight.” The car is from Oxford Die Cast Limited. Parking lot was printed from asphalt wallpaper downloaded from the Internet. The sign Appearing Now was created in Page on the Mac. The jazz club sign and the album cover were downloaded from the Internet. Shrubbery and tree from Woodland Scenics. Background photo of the night sky downloaded from an image on the Internet and projected onto our 32” HP Omen monitor. Shot in High Dynamic Range with a Leica V-Lux 3. Not happy with the lighting shot below scene using a Litra Light with a blue filter on it.

One side of the club with Bing Crosby advertising Chesterfield cigarettes

Another side of club with poster advertising Miles Davis’ Blue Moods

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