Chasing Bullitt: Part One

McQueen’s Mustang Going 90 MPH Takes Flight in the 1968 Movie Bullitt (Don’t Try This at Home)   Some Trivia About A Famous Chase Scene Fifty years ago, a San Francisco detective named Frank Bullitt was given the task of protecting a witness in a mob trial. When a pair of mob hitmen enter the scene, […]

Desert Witness

The Close Encounters Diorama A man on a mountain road in the desert has pulled off the road and leans up against his car observing a huge alien disk in the desert five miles away. The craft is at the intersection of two roads. One road disappears into the distant mountains that surround the desert. Our […]

Close Encounters

Deviles Tower in the Bear Lodge Mountains of Wyoming – Background for the Movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind  After completing The Last Dinosaur, we took a break for a few days but our mind started working again on a new diorama. A monthly contest for the IPMS was to create something from TV […]

The Last Dinosaur

Old Route 66 and the Parking Lot for The Last Dinosaur Tourist Trap  (See The Last Dinosaur in the June 2018 issue of Fine Scale Modeler) Our diorama The Last Dinosaur is finally complete. It’s a piece of nostalgia (on a 2′ x 1′ plywood board) for desert trips my family took in the 50s. […]

The Green Light

Last scene of The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby stands on his dock reaching out for the green light on Daisy’s dock across the bay. Behind the screen in front of Gatsby green light simulated by using a Litra cube with green filter and diffuser on it. The Litra cube sits on top of a NanoCube […]