Premiere of Killer Raccoons II!

My friend Travis has just completed his second raccoon horror film,¬†Killer Raccoons II. The first film was shot almost ten years ago and developed a small cult following. The second film had a much better equipment with a more professional cast. It was filmed in Ohio but completed in Los Angeles. This diorama envisions the […]


What do you do with a tea light, a piece of Purple Heart wood (6″ x 6″ x 2″ thick from the scrap bin at Woodwerks) and a green glass¬†Hemingray telegraph insulator from the Antique Mall? The tea light was attached to the wood by a magnet and the telegraph insulator placed over it. Background […]

The Bullitt Explosion

Explosion Scene of the Dodge Charger in movie Bullitt (McQueen’s Mustang speeds by on the road) (Note to Readers: First scroll down to the bottom YouTube image on this post and click on it and then come back up to the text right below what you’re reading now … with music.) The spectacular fate of […]

Desert Patriot

Desert Patriot – Diorama & Photo by John Fraim Anyone who has lived in the desert for a period of time have probably seen the lone trailers with some junk or cars surrounding them. Often, there is an American flag somewhere. With the gathered cars around the trailer, we can suspect some type of meeting […]