Premiere of Killer Raccoons II!

My friend Travis has just completed his second raccoon horror film, Killer Raccoons II. The first film was shot almost ten years ago and developed a small cult following. The second film had a much better equipment with a more professional cast. It was filmed in Ohio but completed in Los Angeles. This diorama envisions the second killer raccoon film opening at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood where many famous films have premiered. Modeled in N-scale with search-lights made from lengths of dowel. The theater was downloaded from an image on the Internet. The background mimics the real hills of Hollywood behind the theater. The photo image was separated 1/4″ from the background hills and mountain image by balsa wood.

2 thoughts on “Premiere of Killer Raccoons II!

  1. Nice imagery. Wondering if that’s a “red carpet” across the sidewalk leading from the auto to the entrance. Usually these events do offer a “red carpet” treatment.

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