Light Experiments

A red man … In his green office … No, make that his blue office … Ponders a new use of light in the new era of full spectrum LEDs. Mr. Red Man ponders this under the green light of a Luxli Cello light that sits on its lightstand in his office. It is now Mr. Green […]

New World of Light

Hollywood & Independent Artists John Fraim   Modern American society has access to most of the magic technologies the nation produces at its faster and faster pace.  For example, in the film industry, independent filmmakers have access to cameras used by the major studios. The focus has been on how to capture the scene with […]

A Magic Light

  THE REVOUTIONARY LUXLI CELLO LED LIGHT A revolution in LED lighting is occurring now. One of the big topics at the major photography show this year was RGB LED lights. For the first time, photographers and filmmakers have the ability to precisely control the lighting of their scenes. They are no longer limited to […]

Radio Battles

KRE 1950s Radio Battles of the Early 80s Smooth Jazz Comes to Berkeley John Fraim Below are notes based on some of thoughts and memories of Berkeley in the early 80s. One of the big things I remember from this time is the battle between two jazz radio stations: the new KBLX and the old […]

New Nation

An Action Figure Photographed Against Frederic Church’s Twilight in the Wilderness (1860) Unifying a Divided Nation John Fraim “There is a sense … that partisan affiliation reflects more than just a voting preference. Rather, it says something about your character.” (NYT 8/17/18) American culture in 2018. All our days increasingly filled with heated back-and-forth battles between media […]

I Can Talk

“I Can Talk!?” What relationship do words have to diorama images or scenes? Or, to any work of art for that matter? Traditionally, words are attached to particular works of art. Sometimes, words have played a great part in making a work of art. Many times, words are attached to types of third person “museum tour […]

Studio Protest

On July 23 in Casting Call, I offered up the idea of the dioramist as collector of stuff … a type of hoarder in his/her own way. In my case, I finally decided to sort all the diorama materials I had collected over the months from places like Michaels and model shops and antique stores and […]