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A revolution in LED lighting is occurring now. One of the big topics at the major photography show this year was RGB LED lights. For the first time, photographers and filmmakers have the ability to precisely control the lighting of their scenes. They are no longer limited to using and mixing color temperatures and gels together to create an entire new spectrum of color and effects in their scenes.

It represents a new light in an “image-maker’s” arsenal.  A light much more important than the distracting “lights” of the current popular culture of entertainment, media and the Internet. Or, rumors of the lights of UFOs or other distractors of attention these days. A new control by the distraction of popular culture.

But this new LED type of RGB light is different from all the other, false lights, in one’s life. It is something real. Something one can use. With this new type of LED light, the user can dial in any color in the spectrum at various intensities. The LED lights on the front of the Luxli Cello change with each twist of the control on the back of the lights. It is perhaps the most impressive visual display of technology I have yet to see. Someone has to film the change in the lights and create a commercial.

Luxli Cello In One of Its Aqua Moods

The revolutionary nature of these new lights is apparent when one considers that colors for photography, films and stage plays (as well as commercials & TV shows has been limited to colors and words like Tungsten, Florescent and Sunlight and esoteric degrees of temperature like 3,200 or 5,000 k. Most modern scene makers use filters and gels for color effects. Some attempt to create the exact color mood to bring their vision to reality.

An interesting thing often happens in the creation of one image or a set of images. The director’s ideas of colors for the film might change throughout it. Too often, the colors are too hard to change at the moment and gels and various color effects have to remain relatively unchanged in the course of production. Now, for the first time – photographers, filmmakers, stage designers and scenographers, dioramists – can all dial in the exact color that matches their mood of a particular moment in creating a scene, an image.  Obviously, color is a key creator of scene moods. Previously, it has been confined to a certain “spectrum” of colors.

A new company called Luxli has changed all of this. They were one of the superstars at the annual photography show earlier this year. The company had a hit with its first product called Viola in 2016. Now, they have introduced the Luxli Cello in 2018. It is their latest product. Midnight Oil Studios just obtained a Luxli Cello today. Owned essentially by B&H Photo, the largest online photography distributor in the nation, the Grumpus Group creates a number of brands like Luxli related to the photography business and B&H Photo sells these brands online.

The Most Amazing Change in the LED Lights When The Controls Were Moved.

Almost Like A Living Organism

One can read a lot on the Luxli Cello or watch YouTube reviews. There are many of them. It does represent a true revolution in LED lighting with the ability to dial in RGB lighting and various filers or create any color of the spectrum. It has never been offered before for creative scene makers.

These incredible lights need to go out to some of the greatest artists today in creating and filming scenes. They should be encouraged to use these lights in their productions and send Luxli footage of the products in use. This revolution needs to come from the artists and not Grupus, parent of Luxli or B&H Photo. It needs to come from the artists who began using this incredible new LED light.

There is an App for the Luxli Cello which allows one to remotely control the light.

But playing around with the light for the first-time tonight was a wonderful experience. It is almost like playing with a pet as the light can be molded into any mood of color. It is a powerful LED light source and its power can be presented in 100% full power or down to just 1% of brightness. There are so many incredible methods of controlling the lighting. One feels like a stage lighting director might feel. Sitting in front of incredible controls for creating various lighting in a scene. Mixing colors in any way needed. The type of mixing never before offered on such a large commercial scale to the photography and film community. To artists and modern color explorers of all sorts.


Stay tuned for future photography and film work from Midnight Oil Studios featuring the Luxli Cello lights.

YouTube on Luxli Cello

YouTube Commercial on Luxli Cello


2 thoughts on “A Magic Light

  1. Hi John,

    Awesome ! I can envision so many uses for this because of its’ specific size and tech. specs.

    It’s not actually not that new. I have been using LED theatrical stage lights for 3 years now, and they are getting smaller and smaller, but now where as small or thin as this.

    Something this size opens up lots of possibilities not only for shadow box, (John, I could have used it in my new airplane shadow box instead of 30′ of LEDs !) but also for photography and film work as well as many uses in theatre.

    Thank you so much for sharing,


    1. Thanks for the note Darryl. Yes, the size and tech specs for this light are amazing. The Luxli people need to get the lights in hands of people like you.

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