The Girl and the Bull

A powerful photo. It could mean a few things. We all have our ideas. Powerful in this way. The straight-and-narrow path depicted by the vertical space between the two downtown buildings. The young girl, though, does not look like she is going to take the old straight-and-narrow path. To me, this makes her so much […]

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Pitt and DeCaprio / A Fading Cowboy Star and his Loyal Stuntman Somewhat of a nostalgic day seeing the new Tarantino movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. I was born in LA and lived there in most of the 50s. Interestingly, I moved back there to attend UCLA in the summer of 1969. So, […]


Story Idea: particular electronic programs on the world’s greatest synthesizers are programs from a grand class of the past trying to break free through music. A new idea of the modern musician. Someone who doesn’t necessarily create music through the input of his or her own into a partiular instrument. Rather, the modern musician/artist is […]

Laws of Cryptocosm

Below, a post I copied from George Gilders seminar a few years ago. The recent seminar is captured as we signed up for it and publish part of the transcript of the seminar and a longer interview explanation of cryptocosm. The below a summary of what Gilder says in his seminar I read the transcript […]

Saban’s Bus

Getting the Right Guys on the Bus (Alabama Spring Football Practice – 2019) “Mediocre people don’t like high-achievers & high-achievers don’t like mediocre people. My goal for spring practice: get the right guys on the bus. Get them in the right seats & get the wrong guys off the bus.” Nick Saban via Tweet on The […]

New Music

The Band I’ve been blessed (some might say cursed) with having a number of artistic muses inhabit (haunt) my life. Looking at my life as an artist seems a unique and valuable way to look at it. I would say looking at my life as an artist who has fought being defined as an artist. […]

Rain Dance

“Rain Dance” by The Guess Who (1971) Around two years ago, during one of those long nights in the offices of Midnight Oil Studios, I lifted part of a rather obscure song called “Rain Dance” by The Guess Who and reversed it in my music software and sampled a part from it that reminded me […]