Death of News & Rise of Narrative

Walter John Fraim Make no mistake about it: politics is alive and well in this time when we are all supposed to sing with a common song since we all face a common enemy. The two political sides have battled viciously for four years and are not about to cease battle during the virus crisis. […]

Spring in Bellville

Bellville, Ohio (Note: Each Sunday I receive a wonderful post from one of our greatest musical composers, Rick Sowash. I became a huge fan of Rick over ten years ago when I discovered his gorgeous Santuary at 3 am album. The below is Rick’s post for Sunday, March 29, 2020 as we head into Spring […]

The Virus Contains Its Own Medicine

John Fraim (Above reminds me of those Indonesian shadow figures in the film The Year of Living Dangerously. Little more than shadows against a screen.) Author and spiritual explorer Paul Levy’s view on the current crisis is a rare one. Paul’s view is that our current devastating pandemic offers a rare opportunity for us to […]

Restart Business

Toilet Paper Panic; Mask Crisis; Pompeo and China (Headlines From A Major News Outlet) A Lonely View Today John Fraim   “The American engine needs to be restarted now.  Suffocating the economy has been easy; reviving an economic corpse will be the stuff of hopeless heroics, fit only for Disney happy endings or the Hallmark channel.  Simple […]

Waking them up …

Carl Jung in his Office Jack True was one of the most innovative hypnotherapists of our time. Largely unknown in academic circles, uninterested in publishing his work, Jack focused on his patients. We met in 1987. We became friends and colleagues. Over the course of several years, I interviewed him many times. Jack eventually gave up on […]


McCoy Tyner (1938-2020) Sometimes music is more than just music but also a spiritual force in one’s life. Thanks McCoy for being this force in my life. And many other lives. John _______________________________ (See our previous post on Inner Voices) John Fraim is the author of Spirit Catcher: The Life & Art of John Coltrane […]

New Drone

Just got a Mavic Mini drone and playing around with it here in New Albany, Ohio. Want to make sure that I can control it and that it won’t run away from me and not come home.