The Naked Communist

(The below is an attempt to bring readers important events in history through great writers and filmmakers. Below is the first in this idea for a series. We bring a section of a book written in 1958 to our audience. Bring a section of an important piece of writing, film or music to our the […]

Media Bias

THE AD FONTES BIAS CHART The compnay Ad Fontes Media is a Colorado-based media watchdog organization primarily known for its Media Bias Chart (above) which rates media sources in terms of political bias and reliability. The organization was founded in 2014 by patent attorney Vanessa Otero with the goal of combating politial polarization. Ad Fontes Media […]


John Fraim When one of your true heros leaves this earth, it takes something out of you. I haven’t felt this way about the passing of an artist than since McCoy Tyner passed away in mid-March of 2020. Right at the beginning of the great Covid invasision of America. Now, Chick Corea has passed away. […]


Review by Paul Levinson (Editor’s Note: From time to time, Midnight Oil Studios posts important articles and reviews from leading scholars. The below article is by one of the leading media scholars in the world, Paul Levinson. We appreciate Paul’s permission to republish this review which originally appeared on the Media Ecology List.) The full […]

Streetlight X465

Dear Resident: This is Streetlight No. X465 in front of your home. I noticed that you went out to your car yesterday without wearing your mask. While you might argue that you did put it on once inside your car, I do have reports from Streetlights X464 and X463 that followed your car to your […]

From Mass to Segmented Culture

From One Reality to Alternative Realities John Fraim As America becomes more divided than it has ever been, two versions of reality increasingly permeate the nation. Politicians and party politics take much of the blame for this division, but the real cause might be closer to the broad societal movement from mass culture to segmented […]

Open Your Mind

You have Q the original source and then you have the QAnons who study Q’s posts and interpret what they mean. Then you have those who translate the posts outside the QAnon group into the more general environment with books like Revolution Q by Neon Revolt or videos on the Internet like Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and […]