Streetlight X465

Dear Resident:

This is Streetlight No. X465 in front of your home. I noticed that you went out to your car yesterday without wearing your mask. While you might argue that you did put it on once inside your car, I do have reports from Streetlights X464 and X463 that followed your car to your work location and we have photos of you not wearing yuour mask while inside your car. 

View this as a warning that actions against governmental directives will not be tolerated in the future. 

This is your first warning. Three strikes and your out. 

Streetlight Enforcement Department
A Division of Smart Cities
The Governent

Smart Cities & Street Lights

One thought on “Streetlight X465

  1. Dear Streetlight Enforcement Department,

    Is your directive by order of the Governor of Ohio or by the President of the United States of America?

    You see, it is important for lambs to know the identity of their shepherd (master). Otherwise, they may disobey, be tempted to think for themselves, and make decisions not in keeping with directives from their unidentified shepherd/master. Baa, baa, baa.

    QUESTION: If an astronaut is soloing on a journey to Mars, is he/she required to be masked? Jus askin’

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