The Hysteria of a Hysterical Culture

John Fraim (Notes: All written today after watching a tv news show Tuesday night, 5/25/21. Sent off copies of this to the women listed in the article. Email to Elaine Showalter at the end of this article I sent to her. Not sure what I’m going to do with this. Publishing it here might be enough.) […]

The Spect of Dust

Leonid Vorobyev’s band Leonid & Friends has revived the music of Chicago and many think they sound better than the original group. (See our earlier post on the band). But anyone who thought Leonid & Friends was just about the music of the band Chicago needs to change their thinking. Since first appearing on the […]

The New Member of the Band

I’m listening to “Someone” off of El Debarges’ 1986 album El Debarge. It is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and I have always thought El Debarge was more powerful than a Michael Jackson although the family Debarge act closely monitored the Jackson family.  I listened to this song over and over in […]

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

The Soviet government founded the town of Pripyat on February 4, 1970 to house the workers and the scientists who arrived to work at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant some 100 miles from Kiev. Pripyat, which got its name from the nearby Pripyat river, was billed as the Soviet Union’s ninth nuclear city or “atomograd” and […]


“Resistance” More experiments with my various instruments. Here, using just one of my instruments, the Korg Electribe Sampler. Here a program set to 97 bpm and the chord button pressed for the key pads on the sampler. Just chord stabs, almost like the big orchetra hits of symphony orchestras. Then, a brief improvisation with the […]

A Drone’s Eye View

Just back from four days in northern Michigan where I took my drone up and got some great shots. It’s good to see images from 400 feet in the air these days and get away from the six foot social distancing rules for a few moments. Still, even drones are not free to fly anywhere. […]

The Rusians Are Coming!

A Russian Tribute Band to Chicago Sounds Better Than Chicago! With multiple sold-out U.S. tours under its belt and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, Leonid & Friends continues to astound its global audience with its unique ability in capturing the spirit, musicality, and fire of American supergroup Chicago. And what is even […]