The Spect of Dust

Performed in the Famous Mosfilm Studio, the Legendary Russian Studio

Leonid Vorobyev’s band Leonid & Friends has revived the music of Chicago and many think they sound better than the original group. (See our earlier post on the band). But anyone who thought Leonid & Friends was just about the music of the band Chicago needs to change their thinking. Since first appearing on the global music scene five years ago with their incredible renditions of songs by Chicago, they have branched out into doing classics by other famous groups such as Ides of March and Earth, WInd & Fire.

Now, along comes another turning point for the incredible group of Russian musicians: a brilliant original piece of music written by the late Alexey Ashtaev, with lyrics written by Leonid and Roman Vorobyev. The above was arranged for the band and symphony orchestra by Alexey Ashtaev and Leonid Vorobyev.

Performed in the famous Mosfilm Studio, among the largest and oldest in Russia and Europe. Its output includes most of the more widely acclaimed Soviet-era films, ranging from works by Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein (considered the greatest Soviet director), to Red Westerns to Akira Kurosawa’s co-production Dersu Uzala and the epic War and Peace.

With “The Speck of Dust” Leonid Vorobyev proves he is one of our most powerful modern directors. In these times, it is somewhat ironic that a Russian band is creating the most powerful music about freedom.



Lyrics – Leonid Vorobyev and Roman Vorobyev

When you find yourself in (a) vicious cycle

Searching for some truth in useless titles

Seems so complicated

Too sophisticated

See the world created (is) just the speck of dust


There’s no time

There’s no place

Only spirit full of grace

You can sing

You can fly

Now you sure will never die

No more tears

No more pain

Cause’ you found yourself again

Shining light

On your way

To the total freedom

You had been a lone and wasteland rover

When you realized the game is over

Leave the false temptations

Free imagination

See the whole creation (is) just the speck of dust



Music – Alexey Ashtaev

Leonid Vorobyev – bass, producing, mixing, mastering, video-montage

Ksenia Buzina – lead vocal

Igor Dzhavad-Zade – drums

Sergey Kurmaev – synthesizer, backing vocal

Serge Tiagnyriadno (Kyiv, Ukraine) – synthesizer, backing vocal

Vasily Akimov – backing vocal

Danil Buranov – backing vocal

Andrey Zyl – trumpet

Maxim Likhachev – trombone

Oleg Kudryavtcev – tenor sax

Konstantin Kovachev – guitar

Rei Frometa – percussion

Special guests –

Cheynesh Baytushkina – overtone singing

Symphony Orchestra – various musicians

Conductor – Alexey Vereshagin

Gennady Papin – recording of the orchestra

Alexey Sedov and Kir Popov – video shooting

Special thanks to: Mosfilm Music Studios, CineLab SoundMix Studio, Gigant Record and TGmade Studio

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