Dance in the Gold Palace

Sent to me by my close friend Reno who was one of the people responsible for establishing New Vrindaban, located near Marshall County, West Virginia. Reno was a student at OSU at the time of the establishment of New Vrindaban. The town of New Vrindaban consists of 1,204 acres including ponds,  and several building complexes, […]

The Mystic Boatmen

I had a few old photos from a scrapbook I put together in the late 70s after organizing a summer event on the California Delta each summer four five years. I invented the name of the group and even ironed on letters “Mystic Boatmen” on various colored t-shirts. A time before easy screen printing. It […]

The Sunshine Hotel

_________________________________________________ “The fabled mile-long Bowery, which was originally an Indian trail used by Dutch settlers, borders Little Italy to the east and runs from Chatham Square north to Cooper Square. Since the late 1900’s, this was the land of barbershops and bars, tattoo shops and cheap hotels for men, politely referred to as lodging houses. […]

Visionary Works

_________________________________________________________________ It’s difficult to label the type of artist Matthew Albanese is. His work centers around the construction of meticulously detailed miniatures made from found objects and simple household materials, including spice and food. Albanese often spends weeks searching for materials for his dioramas, including elements that aren’t intended to be permanent but, rather, deteriorate […]

Father of Waters

The composition “The Father of Waters” was written by my friend the Ohio composer Rick Sowash. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Rick through email over the years and think he is one of the nation’s great composers. Each Sunday, Rick sends out one of his compositions to his subscription list I’m on. The […]

January 2022 Blogs

The modern diary or journal of many is to be found in their blogs. I’ve been a blogger for seven years to my Midnight Oil Studios site. In this time, I’ve posted over 450 blogs. Photos, music, films, writing. All contained on the Midnight Oil Studios blog. In the end, this is much the better […]

The Witchcraft Moon

Behind the Song Old Devil Moon / John Fraim The moon is the subject to great thoughts throughout history. The most magnificent and prominent object in the heavens for mankind. It has served as a symbol in myth, films, literature, paintings. Perhaps one of the greatest background symbols that can appear within a particular scene. […]

23 Nance

My stepdaughter Sarah and her/partner fiancée Casey just went live with their new website. Very proud of what they’ve created but no mystery to me and certainly not surprised. Check it out and contact them if you want to discuss services they provide. Both are from LA and just relocated their marketing company to Petaluma […]