23 Nance

Casey & Sarah / 23 Nance
“No Mystery” / Chick Corea

My stepdaughter Sarah and her/partner fiancée Casey just went live with their new website. Very proud of what they’ve created but no mystery to me and certainly not surprised. Check it out and contact them if you want to discuss services they provide. Both are from LA and just relocated their marketing company to Petaluma in the Sonoma County wine country. Like a wine, the site has aged and fermented in their minds until 23 Nance was finally “born and bottled” in their new website below.

The name 23 Nance brings together two important elements in their lives. The 23 part comes from basketball fanatic Casey’s choice of Michael Jordan’s number for part of the name. The Nance part of the name comes from Sarah’s choice to use her shortened middle name of Nancy, named in honor of her Grandmother Nancy. Jordan is a hero for Casey. Grandmother Nancy is the hero for Sarah. Two heroes are not a bad foundation for creating a business name.

Check out 23 Nance below. Their passions, skills, talents, gifts, finally “bottled” and out there for all to see. As well as the spirit and passion of Bowie in his (promotional) photo below.

23 Nance

Bowie (in his Venice Beach – Studio – pose)

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