Ghost Mountain Chronicles

Series Concept John Fraim Marshall South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles Edited by Diana South / Introduction by Rider & Lucile South Sunbelt Publications; Illustrated edition (January 1, 2005) __________________________________________________________ Background: Author of above – Diana Lindsay – is a good friend of mine from the desert. She is the most knowledgeable person in the […]

Bill Evans

John Fraim Petaluma / Wine Tasting / The Music of Bill Evcans / Family & Friends I think that Love Theme from Spartacus (from the 1960 film Spartacus) is one of the most beautiful movie theme songs. The jazz world has taken on the song a number of times but the most powerful and beautiful interpretations of the […]

A Sorcerer

Album Personnel: Nick Finzer: trombone; Lucas Pino: tenor sax, bass clarinet; Glenn Zaleski: piano; Alex Wintz: guitar; Dave Baron: bass; Jimmy Macbride: drums. Review in All About Jazz Visit Nick’s Site To My Wonderful San Francisco Friend Michael Various things, events, people, come together at certain times in life. The inside world matches with the […]

The Warmth of the Sun

A Song And A Time / By John Fraim The concept for this post was originally started by a friend one night over dinner when he reminded me of one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s the Beach Boy’s “Warmth of the Sun” created during the days of the Kennedy Assasination. An important […]

My Sony 210

John Fraim A Short Reflection by a Past Regular It’s funny how things change. When I was a teenager, in the era of muscle cars, I might have retitled this article “My 350 Corvette.” I was into cars in those days. Now, I’m into cameras and lenses. I inherited the camera bug from my father […]