A Sorcerer

A Sorcerer (Is a Myth) / Nick Finzer / Cast of Characters

Album Personnel: Nick Finzer: trombone; Lucas Pino: tenor sax, bass clarinet; Glenn Zaleski: piano; Alex Wintz: guitar; Dave Baron: bass; Jimmy Macbride: drums.

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To My Wonderful San Francisco Friend Michael

Various things, events, people, come together at certain times in life. The inside world matches with the outside world. What’s above is below. The discovery of this artist and his powerful composition is a case in point. I had been writing about a concept for a new type of business and listening to the Bay Area jazz station KCSM.

Around two in the morning, KCSM played the above piece. I listened with growing interest and stopping working on some writing I was doing. I was curious about the jazz musician Nick Finzer and did some research on the Google. I found the piece “A Sorcerer” I heard on KCSM on his February 2020 Cast of Characters.

I did more research and found his website. The first thing I found while scrolling down was a book he has written titled Create, Connect, Repeat! Building an Artistic Business in the 21st Century. I read the information on his book. It was so similar to what I had been writing about a new business for the last few hours and listening to KCSM.

Cast of Characters Album

Strange how these little incidents of synchronicity in life happen. Coming late at night while discovering a brilliant new jazz composer and musicians. The sextet heard on “A Sorcerer” is a stellar group of NYC-bassed musicians with Lucas Pino is on tenor sax & bass clarinet; Glenn Zaleski on piano; Alex Wintz on guitar; Dave Baron on bass and Jimmy Macbride on drums. Many with degrees from Berklee, Juilliard and the the Eastman School of music who have produced many albums under their own names and are in high demand on the NYC jazz scene.

Nick Finzer

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